Tidak Apa-apa – the long way down

With the cobra garden half done in a ridable state. We shifted our work to the Black Cobra exit, the steep slope that we always wanted to armor and to serve as a show piece on how a rock downhill should look like.

We coined this section ‘tidak apa-apa’ means ‘no problem’ in Malay. Joey is definitely optimistic that this ride might looks scary but is definitely not a problem sooner or later. and we kinda agree is time to place some of these feature into trails around the region.

With Hwa excavator harvesting rocks for the past 3 days so we can start off this section, we work our way down by doing anchoring steps each time so to hold each subsection independently.

This ride contains nice filters all the way from 50metres back, where a rock choke will be placed to shoot question into the uncertain mountain bikers mind

‘am I really ready for this?”

Filter edge rocks is place and we work our way down against the weather. Is really pouring halfway and we are forced to scramble for shades in the site office.

The post rain rocks and mud slug ain’t the best place to be around. I skidded a few times too and rocks placement are roll into place instead of carried into.

with each step taking the ride steeper, and rock drops is strategically placed at the foot of the hill so you can hit it at the correct speed.

A piece of art indeed, suggest to hike the section before riding, and take your first ride on a dry day