Cobra Garden redux and touchy blue down

Another rainy day.

This doesn’t stop William and Ling from joining me in building what we eventually become the start of cobra garden.

With almost unlimited supply of granite rocks lying around cobra garden, we placed our effort so to make it longer and better, with interesting drops in mind.

A workforce of five got things moving pretty fast. Big slabs are moved into place with the help of Kee and 55. While William gather rocks for the in between and Ling moves rocks 2 times heavier than herself around like just another pebble.

By tightening up the rocky trail and placing a ‘must pass’ dropoff at the tip of it, the end product rides better than it looks. A sick drop to nowhere for the first timer.

The day ‘must mention’ incident is actually pretty much not very trail related.

Do check out Ming’s nice commentary of the ‘William Boar incident

While we were working on Cobra Garden, Joey separately supervise Hwa and his excavator in fixing the touchy blue corner, a tight corner that doesn’t have much platform to start with, we placed a rolling crown turn onto the corner with an inside drain taking the water off the slope.

definitely one interesting day!