Trail School – the making of cobra garden

We figured that playing with rocks and building trails is a fun thing and got invited our fellow trail builders and friends along.

We took the opportunity to ride the Ketam Mountain Bike Park as a whole once. Testing out every single lines and re test it again and again for the fun of it.

With the afternoon looming, we stop our ride at the ‘Black Cobra’ section.

What we are to build today is the cobra garden, a series of serious black diamond rock features one after another.

With the entrance into cobra garden being a steep difficult to climb slope, the traffic will be limited to the real deal adventure mountain bikers and hopefully the slope can serve as a qualifier too to stop the ride before any of them hitting the rock features.

Ling, William, Max, Karim, Me, Ming, Jason and camera man Joey

the rain came down just as we started and it certainly ain’t the best condition to move rocks.

it took William, Ming and Max 3 rock bars and a whole load of effort to get one of those big rocks moved 10metres, and they needed super Ling to placed the extra few ounce to roll the rocks almost every turn.

Jason and William collected rocks with their bonked stomach, slogging in the mud and displacing whatever they can find, while we left the rock paving to Ming.

The afternoon pass by quickly with the cobra garden forming a nice 5metres of easy rock ride, nicely paved and sunken in.

and everyone is glad that the work is sweet to ride through.



40 manhours today!