Rock N Roll garden

This messy section at the ‘rock N roll’ portion of the ride doesn’t offer much flow after some great promising downhills and tree rides. The rocks are badly placed, shifted and trapping 90% of the riders except a the select few who do trail trials ride.

What we are here to fix is a black diamond section singletrack rock garden, and to place some interesting rock feature, ‘high skills low risk’ stuff, so to make it flow for the better half of the riders and endless funs and tries for those who are still trying to.

This section is design with a straight cut at the edge of the slope, placing around 20 big boulders to secure and anchor the smaller one.

We choose to collect and move most of the 50kg rocks by hand, some by pure manual lugging and hugging. and is definitely challenging for 4 of us (Joey, Kee, ’55’ and me) with Hwa operating the excavator in support with pushing those 200kg and above stuff.

The line is straight forward, with jagged lines all over so to displaced even the most experience rider, emphasizing on the correct torque and gear ratio and braking to get through.

So guys have fun trying, we certainly tried and cleared it once at least on the day of the build.

tally for 16th Nov

Sleepers – 6 man hour and a great excavator

Rock Garden – 30 manhours and alot more back massage session.