Completing the details

It’s a full day work at Kent Ridge.

Alvin and Liyana met up with me at the North Shore section early.

Apparently with the help of Liyana, he got the roller coaster straight started yesterday.
Leaving today with completing the V ramps for the ‘Roller Jump’.

With the recent thunderstorm, we are lucky to have fallen acacia trunks for building the lower sections of the ride. We use the first of the trunk today.

We are thankful that Jeff had pre-layout the ramps a few days before, giving us less to think about and pure carpentry to work on.

While completing the V-jump in the morning, the afternoon is reserved for the rest of the trail work needed.
We worked on the long awaited Motherbridge exit. Getting the last diagonal bar on to the ground. and took some time getting the incomplete berm after the motherbridge done up.

With the help of 5 cement logs bracing the small cliff, the missing berm is now touch up, slightly narrower then before but alot smoother.

Dangerous bakau wood lining the berm earlier are now taken off or saw off.

The motherbridge section is finally completed. We can now plan for wood to be shifted to the North Shore section.

North Shore V-jump – 5 man hours

Mother bridge exit – 3 man hour

Post Mother bridge berm – 3 man hour