the ‘New Section’

Much as we are trying to make sure everyone get updated with info, we got to zip this until this New Stuff is almost ready. And yes we are there.
We just received the new batch of woods for the stringers, and trail construction kicks in again officially today.

We finished the Y-junction today, with Alvin and me braving the thunderstorm banging away nails after nails sending the trail ‘to the wall’ and created a small dropoff in the process.

And YES we have been banging away a NS freeride sections aka New Stuff aka New Section aka North Shore, for the past 2 months.

The section main ride is done, with intermediate riding in mind, a newbie ride will be in place soon while the crazy sick jumps and skinny will come after that.
This section is still scattered with nails, planks and beams. NOBODY should ride it until the shore is ready, and yes we might have forgotten to bang in some planks, and we don’t want anyone riding on them assuming all the planks are nailed in.

8 man hours – Y-junctions with banking made in.
1 man hour – manual transports of stringers and post.