Super D – Tampines

Super D, the all mountain fun filled race get featured for the first time in Tampines Bike Park.

We’ve the chance to build it better and slightly more technical than what we can do in Kent Ridge some half a year ago.

The track will includes rollers, big berms (inslope turns), a slope style like 7ft tall WALL RIDE, simple drop off, DH rock garden, XC-like false flat and contour rides, and the ‘got to be skillful to ride fast’ ziggurat.

For the past 1 week, Jason, Peter and I with the help of 2 workers and occasional help from various other bikers, we managed to get half the wall ride up, 1 full berm ready, a 1 1/2ft drop off( with rollable options)  and a nice long rock garden that react nicely to those well chunky suspension fork.  The series of rollers is half done and should be ready by the end of the week.

We do suggest riders not to ‘test’ the wall ride at the moment as we are still securing some of the sturcture.

Rock Garden – building in progress