Patching Up

Changes occurs, and we are happy to have our new Park managers from Nparks joining us for a few sessions learning what a mountain biking trails should looks like.

We explain our plans for Kent Ridge, corrections and todo and finally a good work session came about today.

Monero and 3 of his gang managed to move some nice recycled broken drains to cache around the exit near Vigilante drive. We are talking about 10 -15 wheelbarrow loads today.

4th bridge step up
We manage a patch up at the 4th bridge, which rutted out over the rainy season to form a good 1.5ft tall stepup. Not really rollable, some bike trial skills will be involve if we don’t fix it.

With improved trail building technique, after so much hands on over at the other sites. We managed to pitch the broken cements and get a good 10% gradient for the bridge exit.

Double Log
The double log low land mud pile never been fun to ride, we broke the first rule in trail building, never build trails on steep slopes and on flat ground. sounds trivial but that’s what we’ve done 1 year ago, and the mud patch never get fix.

We got to apply a permanent solution to this patch, this time with loads of rocks and broken drains.

We elevated the trail and settle to have both sides of the trails being muddy and wet. allowing a ‘2 ft wide causeway’ as our ride corridor.

Mother Bridge exit
Always rutted. and instead of small granite chips patching, we settle for large 200mm big cement wedge, easily broken down so to give a rough texture for a grippy descent.

Let’s hope the trail side wall doesn’t give way further. It seems to have settle down nicely.

The Hole

30 man hours of work today