the beginner section

another start early end late day.

With the beginner ‘low’ North Shore section lay out by Jeff a day earlier,

Me and Alvin took 5mins to visualized and then jump straight to build the tall end of the beginner loop.

It took us the whole morning to progress 5 metres, but we managed to get the stiffest and strongest section built yet.

the secret are the new 2in x 3in thick stringers. These are shorter but yet thicker.

the rest of the workers got into wood cutting and sawing. Certainly made us a full 3.5hrs production line.

Building our first 8in wide skinny, our first wooden berm and also a receiver for the V-jump.

We are certainly getting the hang of building the structure fast.
Certainly got more experience with these hard wood now, knowing when it will split and how to nurse it in.

Pre work sorting of nails helps a bunch today, we are surprised to find 50% bad nails in our heavy nail bin. And lubricating the nails helps a bunch in getting the nail in straight and fast.

Work done

beginner ride, wooden berm and receiver – 25 manhours