adapting ideas to our climate

Nope we haven’t run out of ideas,
but yes we are getting to the technical trail building bit, more carpentry, less mud and granite work.

firstly, some older issues.
With the dual log in place of turn 2 of snake slope, I guess that basic problem can be addressed with simple Appalachian Armoring. Always great to learn from others and adapt it to our condition and climate.

New wooden berm should be good for a few places, being lighter in weight and having wood being readily available than say sand / clay or even granite chips, we are turning towards having more of this than the good solid clay berm.

Although we’ve some common-sensical ideas on how to design one up.
Problem is, we’ve seen photos/videos on them, but not really knowing what it takes to secure it. Again more reading, more research, and maybe it’s you out there reading this who might be the missing link on these berms construction.

some interesting read for any of you who want to put their hands on trailwork.