Trail Ride Jamboree

As part of the trail building effort, some 60 riders were gathered in a mini-jamboree.

Quote by Nik (extracted) :

To all participants of the KR Jamboree today: Thanks! Really great to see such a large turnout! As a result of today’s ride, we were able to achieve a few objectives:

1. Got great feedback from all u guys on areas of improvement

2. With 50 riders going through the trail, we have also identified potential erosion hotspots

3. With the number of endos , we now know wehre the danger zones are and where to station medics for better access during racedays

4. Got a core group of supporters signing up to kick start a trail building & maintenance group (yes you guys are gonna be called trail smurfs)

5. With all of you hiking the trail the first lap, we managed to bed down some of the gravelly parts (you think the hike was just to look see? 😉 )


The following persons were instrumental in the creation of this trail :-

* Alvin Francis Lok, NParks Manager, Kent Ridge Park
* Liyana Zolpakar, NParks
* Max Mager, SACA General Manager
* Lim HuiMin, SACA Coach

with the assistance of :-
* Chew Eng Seng, SACA Mountainbike Cyclist
* Ang Kee Ming, SACA Road Cyclist
* Justin Cheong, SACA Road Cyclist
* Yap Chiwei, Wheelsareturning
* Lee Chuen Ling, SACA MTB Subcommittee
* Renhao, SACA MTB Subcommittee
* All the banglas who toiled daily under the supervision of NParks and SACA


* Pling – registration/CP5 ic
* Ling – bike test/CP 1 ic
* Rebecca – bike test ic
* HuiMin – medic/CP2 ic
* RenHao – CP3 ic
* Chi – CP4 ic
* Jaymes – safety/CP6
* Samuel – Hike/Ride leader
* Chew – Hike/Ride leader
* Mann – Hike/Ride leader
* Max – PR
* Jolie – Crowd control
* Boey – Crowd control

The Kent Ridge Mountain Bike trail is now unofficially open! “