the banked roller

Blogged in Kent Ridge MTB Trail by HM Thursday November 23, 2006

With the first ramp built leading to nowhere since day one,

we decided to give this best line the fastest and most technical bridge we ever built.

A banked roller that twist and bank 3 times in a space of 4metres.

Liyana and Alvin got things started with the nailing while I do most of the sawing and wood matching. Hammering nails certainly not something I am good at and I won’t want to spoil that new batch of nails today.

After 2+ months building wooden ‘North Shore’ style bridges, we have certainly gotten better.

Plans for teeter are in place, and a banked wall ride is plan for the exit of this section.

I am still thinking of ways to use the 2 fallen trunks smack in the middle of this section. Seats for spectators? I guess another trunk ride should be more interesting…

building the banked roller

banked roller – 7 manhours.

One response to “the banked roller”

  1. Waynep says:

    Hey HM, great work on the NS-ish skinnys’ and ramps. When do you guys need crash test dummies? 😉

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