a typical trail building day

Blogged in Kent Ridge MTB Trail by HM Friday August 4, 2006

Finally injury caught up with me (non trail or bike related),

While Alvin and Liyana work the day with the 3 workers, completing and bench cutting sections of the uphill section of the fern hill, I took the time off to test out our Virtual Maps sponsored GPS tracking units so to mark the trails.

I caught up with the gang around mid afternoon, this time with the camera instead.

Just noticed we never captured photos on how the work is done.



this is how steep fern hill can be..prep your climbing legs…

this is how narrow your handlebars will need to be..

this is how we decide which plank to go onto the railing…

work done

18 manhours  – fern hill upslope

5 manhours – mother bridge downramp

3 responses to “a typical trail building day”

  1. Kel says:

    Still anxiously waiting for the trail to open…. :p

    Great job you people have been doing! Beautiful work done as seen from the photos, I esp love the Mb200 bridge! Surely won’t lose to other govt contractor projects!

    However, I’m worried about the durability and ride quality of the gravel topcoat on the trail though….

  2. Wayne says:

    Hey guys. Great work with the trail. It looks like its coming along real nice. Any updates on the current status?

  3. HM says:

    the trail is still close, with signages and some section still in work. should be ready real soon. stay tune.

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